Smart Move Inc.

​Catherine Smart, owner of Smart Move Training & Development, brings a world of knowledge to our Universal Design Program. She is past chair of Canadian Standards Association - B651 Accessible Design for the Built Environment and a facilitator for Senior Friendly Audits and Accessibility Audits for the Built Environment. 

Catherine provides on site visits in order to conduct a step by step investigation and consultation giving Ladybird Garden Designs and Heartwood Landscapes all the information we need to design and install a Universally Designed landscape in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Act (AODA)

Our clients have been very pleased with the results. 

Ladybird Garden Designs

​Owner and designer Margot Byers has completed the Creating Landscapes Certificate and The Horticulturist Certificate, with distinction, from the University of Guelph.  She is a Master Gardener, a member of Landscape Ontario and of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

While Margot can design for any and all landscape desires, she is the lead designer in our Universal Design program creating designs that have hard, flat surfaces, gradual grade changes, raised beds and wide entrances to allow access for all.  

​With Margot's great knowledge and love of plants comes the ability to design 'sensory gardens' for those with visual disabilities. A sensory gardens takes in a number of aspects and senses... colour, movement, pattern, sound, taste, touch and of course, smell.  By combining easily navigated surfaces with carefully thought out garden designs that include plants, shrubs, trees and perhaps a water feature, wind chimes or a moving sculpture we will create a garden that can be enjoyed using ALL the senses.  

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Heartwood Landscapes & Gardens, Margot Byers of Ladybird Garden

Designs and Catherine Smart of Smart Move Inc. 

are combining our knowledge in order to offer well designed and installed universally accessible landscapes. 

'Universal Design' refers to buildings, products and environments that are designed to be accessible to one and all; for people with disabilities, toddlers, families and those wishing to 'age in place'. Our universal designs create landscapes that function for everyone. The best part is, universally accessible spaces can also be beautiful spaces. 

Whether it is the entry to a home, easily accessible patios and walkways, raised garden beds or other desires, we will

design your space using innovative and creative  ideas for

flow and function.                      

Read below about Sensory Gardens. 

Universal Design

Installation by Dean Schofield