The Build: 

Heartwood Landscapes will obtain any necessary permits, locates, obtain engineered drawings where neccessary... in other words, we take care of all the preparations leading up to your installation. Then the real fun begins as our seasoned crew brings your landscape together with a high degree of care and craftsmanship. The Heartwood Build Team is proud of our impeccable safety record, tidy job sites, our on time/on budget installations and our lasting relationships with clients. We enjoy having you involved in the process and will keep you informed throughout the build. Our goal is to give you a landscape that excites you, feeds you and is better than you ever expected. 

The  Design:

With your vision in mind, the Heartwood Design Team can now create an inventory of your property taking careful measurements and noting existing conditions and elevations. This knowledge, along with  our expertise and inspired ideas, becomes the initial concept. From here, we will work with you to create the final design, a landscape that is truly your own.

Throughout the design process, we provide an itemized and detailed quote specifying construction materials, plant materials and listing what you won't see (bases, conduit, drainage, irrigation) along with what you will see.   

The Process

The Wrap: 

Upon completion of your project, we will meet for a final walk through during which we ensure you are completely satisfied with your landscape; any 'tweeks' will be taken care of at this point. Your guarantee on plant material and 3-year guarantee on all hardscape begins on this date.  

For those who have invested in trees, we suggest a consultation with our associate company, Willowstone a plant health care company.  

The Initial Meeting: 

The first step is... give us a call or send an email to set up your initial meeting where we'll be given the opportunity to understand your desires and inspirations. At this time we will also discuss timing, budget and any relevant needs or existing features on your property.

At Heartwood, we feel the most important part of building a landscape is to make it your own; your input is essential. 


The plants and trees have taken root, the sod is lush and green... the landscape has come together beautifully. Not everyone has the time or expertise to take care of it however. This is where the Heartwood Maintenance Team can help. Heather Turgeon, who leads the team is a graduate of the Agricultural Business and Horticulture programs at the University of Guelph and has a vast knowledge of all things plant and tree related. Our team will look after your gardens with the utmost care.

We can also provide you with weekly lawn maintenance meticulously managed down to the last blade of grass.